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About Alan

About Alan

Alan Ehrlich is a novelist who writes about the most famous town on planet earth - Hollywood.

Alan came to Hollywood with a wife, a four-month old baby, and a plan to make a quick “killing” before returning to the Land of Enchantment (New Mexico) to write novels and plays.

After a year waiting tables he secured his first job in the industry—like David O. Selznick—reading and evaluating movie scripts. 

The free lance work turned into 27 years of continuous union employment for virtually every major studio, but primarily Orion and Paramount Pictures, where he read and helped develop numerous award-winning and box office successes, including AmadeusThe Truman Show, and The Hours

Thirty-four years later, he continues to live in L.A. with his wife of 36 years, Harvard-Westlake Middle School English Department Chair, Ellen Danna Ehrlich. 

They have two adult sons, a filmmaker, Jake, and a musician, Zack.  

Plunket in Wonderland is Ehrlich’s first novel.

The Ehrlich family