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“Combining thematic elements of the traditional American novel with the linguistic playfulness of postmodernist fiction, first time novelist Alan Ehrlich has created a witty burlesque of the lone individual pitted against his environment.  Plunket is the latest in a line of literary heroes, beginning with Huck Finn and stretching up through John Irving’s Garp, who must make their way through thickets of hypocrisy and corruption in order to reach their pure, single-minded vision.  Ehrlich’s comic timing is perfect and his wordplay, dazzling."
     --Molly Hurley Moran, Ph.D., author of Finding Susan; Margaret Drabble: Existing within Structures; and Penelope Lively 

“The center of gravity here is obviously the narrator’s experience, the details and nuances of which are adeptly rendered in diction and rhythm, but what is even more impressive is the craft and sure control of plot, with turns at just the right places.  That elegance of structure freed me to enjoy the vagaries of Plunket’s consciousness.”
      --Robert E. Archer, Ph.D., retired English Department Chair at Harvard School and Upper School English Department Chair at Harvard-Westlake School

 “Plunket in Wonderland is a keen-witted, Thurberesque expose of the way that the Hollywood machine attempts to destroy the individual talent.”
     --Michael G. Moran, Ph.D., author of The Far Away Look and nine scholarly books; Professor of English and Department Head, University of Georgia

 "Likable hero, clever prose and a parabolic plot that’s rich in ironic detail.  Very California, very Los Angeles, very Hollywood—west coast fiction, very well written with a uniquely comic voice."
     --David Richard Jones, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of English, Univ. of New Mexico

 “Plunket in Wonderland is a Hollywood insider's hilarious story of tinsel town betrayal turned sweet revenge.  It's the tale of a studio reader who falls through the rabbit hole to Wonderland, where he encounters agents, power brokers, A-list stars, and assorted other players in what will become the grandest fiction of them all: the creation of a screenplay so in demand that it's never actually been written. First time novelist Alan Ehrlich delivers a tale at once fabulous and painfully accurate, and his subject—the great Hollywood folly called "development”—has never been treated with such precision and wicked humor. Everyone who loves the movies will love Plunket in Wonderland.”
      --Caitlin Flanagan, author of To Hell With All That and Girl Land

 “Unbelievably good!  Smart, funny, as lovable as your dog!  Read this or die!”
     --Larry Arnstein, co-author of The Dog Ate My Resume; The Bad Driver's Handbook; and The Counterterrorist Home Companion.  His TV credits include a stint at Saturday Night Live and 3 Writers Guild of America Awards for HBO’s Not Necessarily the News.  Co-editor, Ironic Times (

  "Clever, imaginative, funny, and touching, Plunket in Wonderland is the ultimate survivor narrative.  Presenting a world filled with absurdities, Alan Ehrlich achieves a delicate balance between the healthy, psychological reality of a loving family and the insanity of the movie business.  The writing offers an ingenious interweaving of literary allusions, moments of unbounded lyricism, and humor galore."
     --Beverly Boyd, former teacher of literature and writing and English Department Chair, Polytechnic School (Pasadena);  poet